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Black & White Edition in U.S.A
Arctic Heats Up.
Spitsbergen 1919 to 1939

Colored Edition in Europe
How Spitsbergen Heats the World
The Arctic Warming 1919-1939
ISBN: 978-1-4401-4087-7 ISBN 978-3-8370-9524-1
Ca.116 pages and 100 b/w figures. More details in right column. Ca. 116 pages and 100 color figures. Details see column.

Note about the Editions

  1. U.S.A. black & white edition holds the following advice:
    As the figures have been prepared in color their presentation here in black & white may not always indicate the full meaning; therefore kindly note that:
    1. the figures and graphs presented are available in color and enlargeable at:
    2. that due to technical reasons, for the b/w edition few figures needed to be relocated and/or merged into one image.
  2. The various website and book presentations are all based on the same text. However some differences may occur due to changes and modification, which will not always be done to all available versions, or not at the same time, or it is not reasonable possible. The version to be regarded as the most updated text are the PDF-files of the Europe Color Edition at the Home-Page, left column.
  3. Changes and modification of book/web text and figures reserved.


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U.S.A. Edition in B/W

Europe Edition in Color

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General Material

Annex B I - Colored Sea Ice 1910-1919
Annex F - Air Temp.(Jan - Feb) 1912-1930; North Atlantic Region.
Annex G - Annual Mean Temperatures from app. 1880-1947 in the Northern Atlantic Region.